1. S

    Cancellation, Incorrectly debited and no option to remove my card details

    Earlier in October, I requested a cancellation and to date it has not been processed. Rain have also decided to bill me for the period that I cancelled. Further to this I was surprised to find out that they do not provide you with the option to remove you bank card details....surely this isn't...
  2. D

    Complex Levies - What are you paying?

    Hi Everyone, I have been messing with the idea of buying myself a holiday home. But after some advice from current and ex owners I would rather purchase a property in my area (Rivonia/Edenburg/Morningside). I have been looking at a few options in complexes in the area, however, I can't believe...
  3. Leo_

    Afrihost Double Billing

    I just want to say, the fact that one can upgrade and downgrade their services from the app is fantastic. However I have a questiion regarding the billing when upgrading. If one wants to upgrade mid month, does this mean one pays two bills without reimbursement ? Here‘s a scenario: 10mbps =...
  4. rejodasi

    Can someone help me make sense of this?

    So I bought the 479 unlimited package (unfortunately the only thing that makes sense where I am :() on an entirely new sim with the intention of using it as a trial since the website says I may do so and I wanted to see if it made a difference to my 250 plan that I have used since launch. Used...
  5. R

    Webafrica Clawback Fraud

    A clawback fee of R999 has been debited 3 times for the ridiculous free-to-use router they give you. I'm unable to get through to them properly, the moment I think the issue has been resolved they debit me again. It's nearly impossible to get your money back but incredibly quick for it to evade...
  6. I


  7. Savy561

    Vodacom billing supported platforms?

    Hi all, just curious as to what platforms accept vodacom billing as a payment option, I can't find a list on the vodacom website or though a quick google search. So far I know xbox one, windows store and google play support this payment method so please share any other supported platform's.
  8. D

    Rain billing issue

    Hello there everyone. I have a very frustrating issue with Rain. I couldn't pay on the first of the month due to personal reasons, however I went to my dashboard to pay the next day. When ever I click on the pay now button, it shows a message that my order summery is R0 even though it's not...
  9. B

    How soon is too soon to be billed?

    "For services renderend" is something of the pass. Everything now expects upfront payment for services to be renderend a month from now. My fibre provider sends some really aggressive payment notices well before the new month has started with threats of services being terminated midnight on the...
  10. S

    DSTV annual payment plan and upgrade disaster

    Hi I have now exhausted all possible channels with DSTV and Multichoice with this problem. Hopefully someone else has experienced this as well and can give some advice. I signed up in April with DSTV on a compact plus package and opted for an annual payment of R5709 as advertised. I also made...
  11. CuzziGa

    Vodacom billing issue not resolved

    I'm so annoyed with Vodacom right now... My wife signed up for one of their Black Friday deals 3 or 4 months ago. She has never been credited with the R110 prepaid airtime that she signed up for. When she contacted Vodacom she was told that the airtime had been allocated to another cellphone...
  12. A

    Telkom call centre agent advised incorrectly

    Help needed on what to do with Telkom Billing Went into Telkom Monday 4 September to open up a new contract, everything went well and I got the P10 lite I was then informed that Telkom had a promotion running and I received 10gigs of Data to use till November Few days in I check my...
  13. M

    MTN Complaints

    Hi, If you want lodge a complaint with MTN what are some of the contacts (email address) to email to, especially for Top/ Management/ Executive MTN officials. I have tried the 808 route no luck. Even the normal MTN Customercare /Service/ etc emails did not work - no feedback. Twiter - just...
  14. T

    Useless Telkom service and their useless staff.

    When Telkom launched it's "Killer Deal" package which was a Telkom Mixed account I was one of those that signed up for the 2 year contract. Well 2 years into the contract and I hadn't run into any trouble with Telkom. 6 more months with them and their true colours started to show. Invoices had...
  15. M

    Billing of 3 phase by CoJ

    I am on 3 phase electricity from City Power billed through City of Joburg. In the monthly bill I receive, there is consumption for each of the 3 meters, which is correct. Then I also have the following: Service charge: 105.29 Network charge: 424.86 Demand side management levy: 9.75...
  16. S

    DSTV Box Office bills for unsuccessful rental attempts

    In March 2016 I attempted to rent a movie from Box Office on my HD PVR decoder. I SMS'd the rental code and never got an SMS reply to my cellphone nor got a "movie available" message on my decoder. I tried three times over two days and then gave up. Guess what? I have been billed by Multichoice...
  17. P

    Telkom LTE - Uncapped Bill

    Is it really 599?? Just got my first bill and it requires clarity. Nothing in the terms refers to added on device payment. Sales consultant also did not mention it. I also asked for no CLI as I will not need VOIP and so on. Break down of my bill: Recurring Monthly Fees 1 x SmartBroadband...
  18. V

    How to use a Softphone in ZA?

    I'm new to MyBroadBand's forums (as seen by this being post #4). I am trying to do research for a start up which I am involved in however I keep getting thrown in circles and the answer is always too vague. I am looking for the best solution for a local pbx and software solution for 5 users. I...
  19. A

    Telkom ADSL Price Breakdown

    Hi Guys I just want to check something. My ADSL price breakdown is as follows: DSL Faster @ R260 (excl Vat) Telkom evening/ weekender plan @ R180 (excl Vat) That totals R440 excl vat That totals R505 incl vat Telkom is not my ISP, I just want the ADSL line. I dont even have a...
  20. Park@82

    Telkom Mobile billing mess - beware

    So I upgraded 2 x Smartplan 100 contracts that included 5GB free data pm to Smartplan 100 packages that only included 1GB of free data pm. I received an invoice indicating that they kept the 5GB data bundle on both contracts and billed me for it R1200+. I phoned them on 3 September and was...