car advice

  1. D

    Please help

    I have a VW polo vivo 1.4 2013 model 5 door. My AC compressor's bearings seized causing the serpentine belt to snap. I do not have money to replace the AC compressor right now so I was wondering if I can just get a shorter belt to bypass the AC compressor? I'll attach a photo for more clarity...
  2. Cyrus_Omerta

    R2100 for 2013 Nissan Micra Key replacement

    Long story short, went clubbing and lost my remote key. Looking to replace it now, the key part costs R920 from JHB. Programming and cutting is another R1200. This seems a little steep for a key that just locks and unlocks the car + immobilizer. Should i bite the bullet and just do this through...
  3. D

    advice! cars with longest front seat:boot length

    hey guys, i've been on the hunt for a car that simply allows me to lie flat in the back, whether that's on a mattress or not. I've looking online at caddies, some suv's, bakkies but i would like to keep price point low while at the same time simply getting something that i can lie in, or put a...
  4. M

    Private sale purchase advice - 2015 Ford Ecosport

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice on purchasing a Ford EcoSport. A family member of mine is selling a 2015 Ford EcoSport 1.5T Titanium auto for R150K. It’s got 80000km on the clock and has just been serviced. The car comes with the following add-ons: Front bull bar Front bonnet guard...
  5. The_Afterlife

    Opel Corsa 1.4 Jerking when turning

    Hi Guys, im at my wits end with my corsa, It is jerking like it is not getting fuel only when i turn. The engine light just came on and i dont want to loose my baby (the car) I have already replaced the fuel pump, fuel pump relay and done a full service (Air, spark, fuel and oil) , I dont know...
  6. F

    Help With Engine Replacement - Need Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm currently driving an Opel Corsa Lite 1.4i 2006 but I want to do something fun with it I want to replace the current engine with an Opel Z16XEP Ecotec engine I'm just not sure if the mounting points are the same on the engine as my vehicle or if it will fit on my gearbox If...
  7. C

    Opel Corsa B 1,4 C14se broken rocker arms

    Hi people! Just a question... Today my car just did not want to start after making a loud ticking noise yesterday after driving. Its a C14SE motor After removing the tappet cover it shows that the rocker arms on the left side of each cylinder have broken, the ones on the right side of...
  8. F

    Thoughts on a 2009 Volvo Xc60 3.0T Geartronic.

    Hey everyone. Can you please help me? What’s you thoughts on a 2009 Volvo Xc60 3.0T Geartronic. I was in an accident and the insurance payed out. Saw a 2009 Volvo Xc60 3.0T Geartronic at a dealership with just over 280 000km on the clock. Is it a great car to buy to use as a daily family car or...
  9. Mist4h20

    Ford Bantam 1.3 advice needed

    Hi all, I'm wondering if I could get some input if possible, Ford Bantam Rocam 2006, engine has 89000ks. Was initially using Shell helix 15w40, no issues, changed oil and filter this time used Midas brand 15w40 (they assured me it was as good) car sounded okay at first but a day or two goes by...
  10. H

    Are using a car a must to be employed and how does it exactly work?

    Hi everyone. Im trying to find some answers to a technical question here being that: is it an requirement for you to have a car for work and it be used for business purposes by your employer? My whole trend of thinking is, the employee have to take his car to work and pay the maximum amount...
  11. Z

    Polo vs Fiesta vs Corsa

    Hi All. Those with car knowledge, please help. I have been searching for a car since Jan. I got the following to choose from: 2018 VW polo tsi 1.2 C/L 2017 Ford Fiesta 1.0T Trend 2018 Corsa 1.0T enjoy My budget is R200k. This will be my first bank financed car. I will be driving 60KM daily...
  12. N

    Entry Level Cars

    Hi! If you had to go the option of brand new, what entry level cars would be a good option? Also, any strong feelings on the manual vs automatic divide?
  13. E

    Customer Rights Repair Gone Wrong

    Just wondering if anyone knows exactly what rights a customer has on a bad experience at a mechanic. I sent in an old Forrester to be repaired for a big job (replace head gasket). Took a long time to get it back. When it came back, it drove but there were a couple problems: steering made a loud...
  14. M

    Purchased 2nd hand Chevy Spark from a Dealership 5 months ago - so many problems!

    Hello, I purchased a Chevy Spark 1.2 LS (2016) from a Chevy dealership towards the end of December at 35000kms. This is the very first car that I purchased and it was financed through the dealership. It was purchased in such a hurry - I only went for a "test drive" the car but the salesperson...
  15. A

    Car insurance claim- can I request car to be written off?

    Can anyone assist. My car was in an accident lately and there seems to be structural axel damage. The value of car is insured for 76k and quote from panel beater is 60k... It appears insurance is getting part quotes from assessors. Would car not just be written off? And as I don't feel...
  16. V

    Intermittend Starter issues Polo Vivo 1.4

    Hi all, So I have been having Intermittent staring issues with my Polo Vivo 1.4 2014 Model. Some days, sometimes weeks apart, when I turn the key, I'll just just hear one click and no engine. Lights, dashboard, radio and even aircon goes on but no engine. I thought it was the immobilizer...
  17. M

    Audi or Mazda... Can't decide! Please help!

    Hi all. I am brand spanking new to MB and would greatly appreciate any useful insight or perspectives regarding my car dilemma. I am looking to purchase a car and have narrowed it down to 2 deals: • 2013 Audi A1 1.6TDI Ambition Sportback Manual (colour white & 33 000 kms on the clock) •...
  18. P

    New car for under R250K

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a new car on finance and don't want to spend more than R3000 pm. It seems this would cap the value of the cars I can afford to about R250K. So far my top 2 are the Mazda 2 and the Kia Rio. I would like to avoid VW due to the high risk of theft and want to...
  19. C

    Car suggestion for 3 carseats

    Hi All, Pulling in advice anywhere I can at the moment. Thinking we were to be blessed with our 2nd child, it turns out we are getting our 3rd thrown in as well :) So now this has opened a can of worms, I now need a car that can fit 3 car seats (kiddie #1 is only 3yrs old) So just throwing...
  20. D

    Car Jump Starter Power Bank

    Groupon are having a deal on a jump-start kit. It looks cool - very small/portable unlike those large battery packs which I'm used to. Question for the experts: can you see any downside to the product or the deal? Link: Rossi 14000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank Cheers