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  1. M

    Slow Rain LTE, Is it Rain's business strategy for 5G?

    Over the past couple of weeks rain customers have been complaining about slow speeds or no connection at all even with full network strength. Remembering how Rain did not hesitate to basically "kill" Fixed LTE in favour of Rain Mobile. Is it possible that they are intentionally killing Rain...
  2. Nobody Important

    Huawei E5573 - data usage, and optimum settings for Rain

    Do these mifi devices use a lot of data in the background "on standby"? Two weeks ago I set it up with a RAIN SIM and was satisfied with it, to be used as a backup. I even connected to it from my laptop and was surprised when I saw on the RAIN dashboard that I had only used a couple of Rands...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Rain vs Cell C fixed-LTE - Big data bundles vs Night Time bonus

    Rain vs Cell C fixed-LTE - Big data bundles vs Night Time bonus Rain's fixed-LTE products will stop being sold by ISPs from 1 November 2018, due to capacity constraints on its network. The end of November also marks the end of Rain's fixed-LTE double-data promotion, which which saw users who...
  4. T

    Rain Mobile network dead at exactly 00:00 1st July 2018

    My rain sim just died at exactly midnight. Tried to search and register the network, but it kept failing. Im guessing other night owls are experiencing the same thing... :cry: :cry:
  5. F

    Rain LTE Online Order

    Hello MyBroadband and Everyone i am in need of a RAIN LTE Sim Card i was about to do the Online order then i noticed it said that My Relatives Cheque Card will be used to buy Data :( i want to buy a Rain LTE Sim Card with my own Money by EFT and buy my own Data. Where else can i get A...
  6. L

    Steam store down on Rain network.

    Hi, Anyone else having issues with the Rain network getting to the steam store? Extremely slow to the point were nothing loads. Did a speed test and line speed looks good.
  7. S

    Rain LTE via Afrihost - Possible network tampering

    Hey All, Switched to Rain LTE via Afrihost two months or so ago, and I have to say it is terrible. Their support of the service is terrible, the speed is not at all what was advertised, and the stability(even with a ethernet connection) is horrible. Packets are constantly being dropped. At...
  8. D

    Afrihost LTE double data deal transfer

    Hi Is it possible to transfer an LTE 55GB double data deal to another person? Interested anyone? Also have the B618 @ R 999... I am finally getting fiber :) and do not want to wait out my 6 months... Ciao
  9. JacquesOmeister

    Will RAIN sim card work on any LTE router?

    Hi Experts Will a RAIN sim card work on the Huawei B593 LTE Router? Will RAIN sim card work on any LTE router?
  10. mattrudlles

    PS4 online gaming with Rain LTE-A

    I wanted to confirm that I managed to get an "open" NAT in COD: WW2 using Rain LTE-A with a Huawei B618 router. I managed to do so by manually assigning a static IP address outside of the DHCP range and then placing that IP address in the DMZ zone on the B618 router.
  11. 0

    Rain LTE-A on Mikrotik SXT LTE

    Hi all Just wondering, I just ordered a Rain Sim from Afrihost, and was wondering if the SXT LTE will be on the allowed devices to connect to the network since now they are blocking cellular devices from accessing their network. The SXT LTE can connect to the network and is not a phone...
  12. T

    Covergare with Rain - Please Help

    Say my house is in that little area with “no coverage” What can i expect to get?
  13. W

    Rain LTE Sim Card APN settings for CellPhone

    Hi all, I got the the Afrihost Rain LTE deal and received the Huawei B618 router and Rain LTE sim card, It works perfectly in the router and I'm getting really good speeds however in my phone it does not work. I have a Xiaomi note 4 Global version which supports Rain LTE bands however It does...