1. K

    LTE and Mobile Data

    I need to travel around SA and will need internet for streaming Can I get LTE (not Fixed) and if LTE is not available will the router use 3G. If so who it the best provider to use. Also what router would you recommend.
  2. Thor

    Does the CELL C (Fixed Wireless LTE) simcards work on 2G and 3G?

    As the title says does these new FIXED LTE sim cards work on 3G?
  3. B

    Bricked MTN X602D

    Hi Guys, A standard Firmware mishap has taken the order of the day. One of our users' MTN X602D 3G devices ran a firmware updater, and as fate would have it, the laptop's battery died during flash, bricking the device. It turns on witha red light, but [-]Curtains[/-] Windows seems to moan...
  4. C

    Guilty for selling my Xbox to a Noob

    Hi All I feel a bit guilty after selling my Xbox One recently. I used gumtree and after a few days got a call from a guy who was interested and wanted to come check it out the same day. We negotiated a price and he came to my place to check it out. I even plugged it in and connected a screen...
  5. B

    Running IP Camera over Cell Network

    Hi There! Has anyone successfully been able to access an IP Camera remotely, where the IP Camera is connected to a cellphone network? I'm in need of a remote solution, but to my understanding and frustration, I can't run any video feeds over any of our cell providers' networks, due to...
  6. H

    ADSL automatic Failover to 3g and automatic revert

    Hi All, Background, small office 2 floors (working repeater on top floor but ADSL router is dead) - the ADSL wifi router recently died and we are looking to replace with something that can auto fail over to 3g and revert - there is no fiber in the area that we are aware of, but we might be...
  7. C

    Dual LTE router setup

    I need to make my LTE setup more reliable. I recently read an article on using two LTE routers with SIMS from different service providers. Of course, now that I want the article I can't find it. I seem to remember that the setup used some kind of a "mixer" or "combiner" to connect and...
  8. A

    Dual Sim Phone now Obsolete?

    Hi guys so I have a dual sim phone and both sim cards are with MTN. One is my main number which I can upgrade only in a few weeks time so the other sim is the black Friday special. however, today I noticed that I'm only allowed to use one sim, basically, the other sim says emergency calls...
  9. tsume

    Nexus 5X - Network Issue

    For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing network issues with my Nexus 5X, I'm not sure if it's because of the last update that went out or if its my mobile provider (Telkom mobile). At random moments I'll be connected via LTE, and then the cross over the LTE appears meaning no...
  10. K

    None of my 3G USB modems will allow me to access the internet...

    Hi All, I'm a bit perplexed here:wtf:. I have 2 USB dongles(CellC ZTE MF667 and 8ta Huawei E173). Both of them connect fine and both show a "connected" status. The problem is that when either modem is connected I have no internet access. Nothing... What on Earth could be the issue? Any help...
  11. S

    Vodacom Signal Woes - Be ready to lose customers!

    Vodacom boasts every time in their adverts that they have very few dropped calls. Maybe this is because they actually cannot connect at all due to bad signal. And this is not happening somewhere in the rural areas of South Africa, it happens in the heart of Johannesburg. Albertsdal to be...
  12. T

    Using a built in sim card - MTN

    Hi Folks I have asked MTN and have been told there is no software to use their sim card in my laptop without a modem and I am not going to buy a modem. Does anyone know how I can use their sim card to access data on the sim card via a built in modem on a Lenovo Thinkpad?
  13. K

    Slow 3G/LTE speeds in Hartbeespoort

    Anyone else experiencing slow speeds in the Hartbeespoort area? I'm getting low 3G speeds (2mbps if I'm lucky) and even worse LTE speeds (1mbps). This is anytime during the day. The upload speeds seem OK-ish though.
  14. J

    Wireless on R304 Stellenbosch

    Hi All Anyone any input as to connectivity type(s) and costs available for a farm outside Stellenbosch? I believe there are no ADSL available, and was looking into Wireless. Mobile data signal is very weak and very expensive. This seems costly, but would I be able to source my own...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    How much it costs to upgrade from 3G to 4G in South Africa

    How much it costs to upgrade from 3G to 4G in South Africa Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub has revealed how much they pay to upgrade towers from 3G to 4G technology.
  16. C

    Setting up a mobile hotspot with limits?

    We are promoting a mobile app on Friday and I was thinking we might do a better job if we can offer those who show up at our stall free internet. In other words, we are looking to place some kind of wireless router, that works with a sim card, that anyone close by can connect to. So far I've...
  17. C

    LA Webs ISP News

    We decided to start a new thread. And for our first news post we are glad to announce that we have a new logo design. We needed a more comfortable logo with strong meaning for our company so we took it to a graphic designer to redo the whole Logo for us. We are pretty happy with the...
  18. A

    Telkom and Unathorised Debit Orders - Check your bank statements!

    I’d like to warn everyone about Telkom. Taking money from my account which they are not authorised to do so. Didnt take out a device with them! I have logged a complaint in May already and have been on several calls, chats, with Telkom representatives (many of them). Have logged a few...
  19. H

    Unable to connect to Vodacom/Cell C using 3G Router

    Hi, I recently got a Poynting Airpoynt 3G router with integrated 3g modem. I have a couple of questions for anyone who uses this product: Can I get shell access? My MTN sim work perfectly on a signal of -79, giving me a 3g (umts) connection. I was hoping to use Cell C, and even...
  20. B

    ASUS DSL-AC52U - a combination of many useful features

    ASUS DSL-AC52U - a stable ADSL link and smart features The ASUS DSL-AC52U is part of a new generation of modems where a combination of products is rolled into one. As the name suggests, it offers concurrent 802.11ac wireless up to 433Mbps on 5Ghz, and up to 300Mbps for 802.11n on...