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  1. J

    Terrible service on Frogfoot/Afrihost

    We were experiencing constant packet loss and interruptions in the connection with on a fiber line on Frogfoot, then eventually the connection cut out completely. The fiber line technicians came after a few days and said our line is good but the ONT is broken. It has since been a week of trying...
  2. Sharkssmart1

    The best and cheapest ISP packages via Vumatel

    Currently, I am in a position where I can't just change ISPs from one provider to another, but I feel like I just have to bite the bullet and change. That being said, I am certain everyone knows the stubbornness of Vumatel refusing to follow Openserve and Frogfoot's example by allowing other...
  3. T

    Vumareach issues after changing ONT Wifi/WLAN details

    Hi I couldn't seem to find similar threads regarding this but I've encountered a rather odd issue after changing my WLAN details on my Vumareach ONT After changing the ONT details (from the default RG-1000... name and issued password) to my own unique name and password, everything seemed fine...
  4. M

    Fibre activation issue

    I have an issue regarding activation of Fibre in my place, apparently there's an arder placed already for my adress under Vumatel, and now everytime when I try to apply for Fibre I get rejected due to an order that already exist with my adress. Currently I would like to get Fibre activated...
  5. K

    AFRIHOST// No internet after special ends

    Hello, So we used the 3 month special where you double your speed for free. We went back to our initial package and we got an email saying we back on our old package this morning. About 10-15 minutes after the email we didn’t have anymore internet. Phoned Fibre support and after 30 minutes...
  6. G

    Endless B-Number changes, CLID resets and no support

    @Afrihost-Gian @AfriMan (sorry if you guys don‘t work at Afrihost -- feels like nobody does). Since I had Fibre installed (which was a 2x week long debacle in and of itself at the of August) I’ve been plagued with my service being suspended for days at a time allegedly due to my B number being...
  7. old

    Octotel Fibre - Surrey Estate, Cape Town

    Surrey Estate, Cape Town Trenching - DONE [February 2020] Fibre inserted into subsurface fibre ducting conduits - DONE [April 2020] Question: When is Surrey Estate and surrounding areas GO LIVE?
  8. J

    Afrihost No Service

    Isn't it interesting that companies who are supposed to be service providers don't really care about the service the providing? Afrihost is doing just that for the last 8 days to me. I get the run around, and then they credit my account, just to tell me that they won't pay it to me. I've paid...
  9. R

    Vumatel Fibre package will change,with an increase in the monthly fee

    So I get an email from Afrihost about.... "Your Vumatel Fibre package will change from 01 March 2019 Vumatel recently announced that they will no longer be offering the 4Mbps line speed as their entry level speed. On 01 March 2019 you will be upgraded to a 10Mbps line speed as this is their...
  10. W

    Remove Second Wifi Network

    Hi Guys, I need some help please. I currently have ADSL and using the Telkom Dlink Router for Wifi. For some odd reason, I couldnt connect to the wifi due to an authentication error even though it worked well during the day. I couldnt access the configuration site and then contacted Afrihost...
  11. D

    Lightspeed by Cybersmart feedback

    Hi everyone, I am a member of the body corporate of a building here on the Durban beachfront. Ideally we would like to get rid of Telkom for obvious reasons. So i did some research and found that DFA has fibre at the end of the street. I decided to contact a few ISP's for installation...
  12. T

    International Roaming

    Hi there, I have a voice and Data package with Afrihost. Does this mean I am considered a Prepaid customer on the MTN Network? I am travelling to Saudi Arabia and according to their website there is no SMS Roaming option for Prepaid customers.
  13. D

    HELP!!! Telkom SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB + Huawei B315

    Hi Everyone: Please help me, it is so confussing to find help and e-mailing all of the service providers regarding the issue i currently have with Telkom. I took out a SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB + Huawei B315 contract with Telkom approximately four (4) months ago. But now i see that they...
  14. S

    Samsung Galaxy note killing ADSL

    Hi I desperately need some help please. I have a 4mb line and whenever I connect my phone (SGN3), it immediately kills the speed neither my device nor any other can connect. I have had 2 telkom guys at my house this morning and they proved that its my phone. I have battled since October 2014...
  15. W

    Afrihost/OpenWeb ADSL class-action lawsuit

    Hello all, Considering the abysmal performance many users have received from these ISPs(Afrihost / OpenWeb), as well as the utter nonsense and lies they've been trying to feed us when we complain, I am in the process of getting legal counsel wrt a class-action lawsuit against them. It...
  16. S

    Afrihost - fax2mail just cancelled without notice

    When I signed up with Afrihost for my hosting and dsl I created a couple of the free fax2email number they offered and went ahead and printed them on business cards and stationary. I hardly ever get faxes but was expecting one the other day which never arrived. I logged into client zone to make...