frogfoot fibre

  1. A

    Trouble with Frogfoot Installation

    I have ordered for a Frogfoot fibre connection on 20th October via Afrihost. I was informed from Afrihost that Frogfoot would contact me within 3 weeks of time. It is already a month passed, they have not contacted me yet for a single time. I am repeatedly contacting Afrihost customer executive...
  2. G

    Frogfoot Cape Town

    Just want to open up a thread for Frogfoot Cape Town - issues, complaints, compliments
  3. Chris

    Axxess offers free fibre upgrades for customers on Frogfoot network

    Axxess offers free fibre upgrades for customers on Frogfoot network Axxess has announced free fibre speed upgrades for its customers on the Frogfoot Fibre network. The changes will see Frogfoot’s fibre line speed upgrade promotion – which has been active since 1 April 2020 – become permanent...
  4. belator

    Frogfoot for Schools

    Frogfoot provides free services to schools in their coverage area. I look after the computers at a school in their area. I am an alumnus of the school in question. The owner of an ISP in Somerset West is also an alumnus of the school. She lodged an application for free service for the school...
  5. S

    14 working days and no internet

    I am conpletely frustrated with the level of bad service frogfoot provides. I moved into new place that is fibre ready all it needs is for them to activate and send a router. Firstly I sent them a photo of the Access point as they asked for, then also my lease agreement. I keep checking up no...
  6. L

    A Ghost terminated my Frogfoot line (Yet Again!!)

    Seems like a ghost terminated my one @Frogfoot Fibre line. Being stonewalled from all sides. @Frogfoot Fibre does FF have a PAIA Manual, in terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000)?
  7. YourKaptain

    Frogfoot Installation - ABSOLUTE Nightmare...

    Ordered new fibre line to be installed on the 11th of August, through Afrihost - after weeks of battling to get the installation date set with Frogfoot, it was finally scheduled by their subcontractor for this morning - Thursday, 27 August 2020. Installers pulled the fibre, installed the Fibre...
  8. M

    Project Managers Essential ?

    I understand that fibre network providers (Frogfoot, Octotel, SADV, etc) are still running during this lockdown time but does anyone know if their project managers are still working?
  9. J

    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Just wanted to start a new thread for all issues, etc. as the other threads had specific issues as their thread titles. Just a heads up for tonight too:
  10. M

    VOX Fiber/Frogfoot and Mikrotik Routers...

    Hello all. I have been with VOX since 2013 and they have been more than accommodating from the start. I switched over to fiber as soon as it was available in my area and had nothing but great things to say about them. I have been a advocate for the company since day one, getting a lot of my...
  11. M

    Frogfoot rep

    Is there a Frogfoot rep active on this forum? I've got a question around the Frogfoot portal that I'd like to clear up. I tried reaching out via e-mail yesterday but haven't heard back yet. Alternatively, can anyone put me in touch with someone working at Frogfoot (preferably IT)?
  12. J

    The most popular line speeds on Frogfoot fibre

    The most popular line speeds on Frogfoot fibre Frogfoot recently announced that it was expanding its fibre network in the Western Cape, with plans to connect 14,000 more homes in the Southern Peninsula. Frogfoot, which is a subsidiary of Vox, said its open-access network will bring fibre to...