1. A

    Axxess reduced download speeds

    Yet another ISP tinkering with something that works.:mad: Axxess torrents are going at < 1/2 speeds this week. Efforts to get their support to look at it are proving futile. It feels like their unshaped capped accounts have been swapped over to the shaped section. Last week anything...
  2. S

    Axxess/Telkom Forcing Line to a Lower Speed for no Good Reason

    Hi, So my line is currently being front ended by Axxess. My area supports up to 10Mb and I was syncing at 6Mb for many a month without any line stability issues. My SNR and attenuation were borderline but I had absolutely no issues. About a month ago I noticed my download speeds were...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    R499 launch special for dual-SIM Windows 8.1 smartphone

    R499 launch special on dual-SIM Windows smartphone Axxess has announced a massive discount for users who buy a new Windows Phone 8.1 device from them on launch day
  4. M

    Big up Axxess support

    Big up to The Axxess Lady and Richard from Axxess for helping me with my sim issues. Swopped from Afrihost to Axxess and had some issues with my sim. Had to eventually get a new sim from Axxess but big thank you to the above for helping me sort this out.
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Most popular ADSL ISPs and broadband connections among techies

    Most popular ADSL ISPs and broadband connections among techies The latest MyBroadband surveys sheds light on the most popular broadband connections and ADSL ISPs among SA’s IT community
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    New Axxess mobile data vouchers launched

    Axxess mobile data vouchers launched Axxess has announced that its mobile data customers can now use prepaid ADSL vouchers to top up their mobile data accounts
  7. J

    Best ISP for p2p downloads

    Hi guys, so ive been on telkom 4mbps uncapped for a while, their p2p speeds are killing me. It seems like they only throttle on some p2p downloads, tv series around 100-300mb download full speed,400KBps most of the time, other downloads such as games, big files a few gigs are very slow 0-50kBps...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    December 2014 broadband deals

    December broadband deals Many Internet Service Providers are offering their subscribers free ADSL data and other deals this December
  9. C

    Looking for mobile data month to month contract. Axxess vs Afrihost vs other isps?

    Hi MyBB At the moment I'm on an Afrihost 1gb/pm. Since their double data deal is ending I want to change my mobile data bundle. I've seen that Axxess seems to be a winner at the moment, are there any other alternatives to Afrihost and Axxess that also offer month to month options?
  10. Jan

    Axxess Mobile double data promotion announced

    Axxess Mobile double data promotion launched Axxess has announced its Super-Size Summer double mobile data promotion.
  11. T

    Afrihost & Axxess SMTP issues?

    Morning Folks. Is anybody having SMTP mail sending issues using Afrihost or Axxess? I've been having an issue with some of my clients since Afrihost posted the "slow network speeds in Gauteng North, east....etc on their Homepage. All of a sudden I have 5 clients total (3 on Afrihost and...
  12. H

    Axxess idiots downgraded my line without my concent.

    I moved to Axxess from Afrihost at the beginning of October (this was before I realised they are basically the same company). I used to have a 10MBPS line. My line migration to Access was done about mid October. The incompetent people at Axxess decided to downgrade my line to 4MBPS but still...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Axxess improves mobile data rollover policy

    Axxess improves mobile data rollover Axxess has adopted a first-in-first-out mobile data rollover policy, where the oldest mobile data will be used first
  14. The Axxess Lady

    Axxess Mobile Rollover- You asked, we listened!

    The Axxess mobile rollover process has been reviewed and this is the out come of it :D. We have decided to change the rollover from "LIFO" to "FIFO" like so many of our clients asked for. We also decided that, should you wish to up/downgrade your package you would not lose any of your...
  15. G

    Axxess 4Mb Uncapped - Soft cap

    I recently signed up with Axxess ISP and got myself a 4Mb uncapped ADSL account. I would like to know what the 'soft cap' is on the package I took before finding out the hard way by being throttled.
  16. F

    Axxess near end of month problems

    Good day everyone I just want to know if its only me experiencing problems with Axxess uncapped DSL accounts almost always at te near end of every month and then in the new month its like supper fast and stable ? I really like Axxess and their products but its getting annoying to struggle...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL - SA prices

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL prices compared Telkom recently cut the price of its 20Mbps and 40Mbps uncapped VDSL services – here is how these new rates stack up against other ISPs
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Remote Axxess launched, free with ADSL

    Free Remote Axxess for ADSL users Axxess has launched its latest DNS Suite Feature called Remote Axxess, making remote device access very easy
  19. T

    Turkish hackers keep hitting with my site

    So I designed a wordpress (v3.9.2) website for my brothers business. The other day when I am trying to show them how to edit the content of the site, neither of us could log in. I thought that I had forgotten my password so I reset my password and when the reset email that came through stated my...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Global Axxess bites the dust

    Global Axxess shut down Legal pressure has forced Axxess to shut down its Global Axxess service, which allowed access to services like Netflix and Hulu