1. fundutzi

    Humble compass: What to do post successful matriculation?

    Dear All, It so happen that some related persons face the question: What to do post successful matriculation? "Businesstech.co.za" recently published an article with estimates of some tertiary education costs at university level as can be seen here. Perhaps the scope must first be defined...
  2. L

    OPTIC NETWORKS horrible service

    Optic Networks, owned and run by Chris Knipe, has decided to flip the switch on Friday evening, 29 June, with zero notice or forewarning to his clients. No response to mails, sms’s, phone calls etc. No answer on cellphone, *(074) 404-5057‬, or work phone, *(021) 300-1680‬, or mail...
  3. D

    Vodacom Migrate to Cheaper Contract after upgrade due date

    Hi Everyone, I am considering not taking a new device on my Vodacom contract. My upgrade is due on the 21st of May 2018. I am currently on a uChoose Flexi 200 + 1Gig of Data with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for R935pm (Gear VR Goggles Included). If I wanted to take a sim only deal, how...
  4. J

    Migrating while with Vodacom on Vumatel?

    As the result of a pretty convoluted situation Vodacom is my current FTTH ISP. I'm having a terrible time with the router situation, as the Huawei router that they supplied doesn't suite my needs, and they've gone to great lengths to prevent users from using their own routers. When I phoned...
  5. E

    ISP migration woes

    Two weeks ago I decided that my existing ISP was just not working out and signed up with Afrihost. Unfortunately the new process for migrations kicked in in June 2015 and I anticipated some downtime, but had no idea what was to follow. It is day 10 today and I still have no ADSL. I have spent...
  6. J

    Vodacom migration

    Hi there, Someone from Vodacom please assist me here: I currently have an Everyday Off-peak 120 contract for my wife which, is proving to be very unsuitable. What can I migrate to that has Data and anytime airtime without incurring penalties or taking a big step up in subscription? Thanks
  7. J

    What's the process of Migrating my ADSL line from Mweb to Telkom to Afrihost?

    Hi Guys Has anyone moved from Mweb to Afrihost? I asked Afrihost this, and they replied with, "you have to migrate your line to Telkom, then we can help". When I asked Mweb, they seem confused and sent me a change of address application form. Obvs this is not what I need... So any advice...
  8. R

    Vodacom Contract Migration

    Hey guys, I'm a long-time lurker on these forums, so lots of time spent reading, but my first post. I couldn't find a post which definitively deal with this question, so my apologies if I missed it. I currently have a voice contract with Vodacom (Talk 200) which was basically just a...
  9. C

    Telkom Wholesale

    Hello mybb Does anyone that frequents this forum have the contact number for telkom's wholesale department. I recently migrated my line to Mweb and am waiting for a speed increase(to 1mb) and it is obviously not mweb's area as they just use telkom's line, and thus i need to contact telkom for...
  10. werfie

    Vodacom Contract Migration

    Hi there... to the VC guys: I currently have a Weekender package with BIS. My upgrade is only due next year Sept, but I would like to change the tariff package now. If I want to migrate to a BB Talk 100 (anytime) package - saw it was R349pm - will there be any penalties/fees to do so and will it...
  11. jes

    DTV set-top boxes: Subsidies and targets

    DTV set-top boxes: Subsidies and targets Government aims for 6% of South African households to receive subsidises for digital TV set top boxes
  12. L

    Story of changing xxxx@afrihost.com to xxxx@is.afrihost.com

    i've uncapped line with Afrihost and I made that change to xxxxxxx@is.afrihost.com few days ago. Just thought to give it a try for any better speed with their new setup before I quit them. It the WORST HORRIBLE thing I ever done in my life. This is what would happen if you do the change...
  13. J

    Telkom to Cybersmart Migration

    Hey, I have applied to migrate from telkom to cybersmart (adsl circuit) and they say they got the order number from telkom but that was on the 19th of Feb and it's still not done, please any suggestions or reasons Thanks
  14. J

    Why is migration taking so long??

    Hey, I have applied to migrate from telkom to cybersmart (adsl circuit) and they say they got the order number from telkom but that was on the 19th of Feb and it's still not done, please any suggestions or reasons Thanks
  15. F

    Does mtn have "MobileNumberPortability" like Vodacom?

    Hi Guys, I want to port over from CellC to MTN. I have already downgraded my CellC contract to Pre-Paid and now want to change over in the next couple of days. My question is does MTN have the same option like Vodacom where they sms you a code and you port over your pre-paid number to a...
  16. bwana

    Migrating from old MB to new unibody MB

    Since they've been so kind as to omit firewire from their latest MBs what's the best way to migrate from the old fw equipped MB to the new one? Seeing as I'll have to walk my mother through the process telephonically ripping out the hdd isn't an option.
  17. rpm

    Policy delays ‘threaten digital TV’

    Policy delays ‘threaten digital TV’
  18. D

    27th month MTN Contract: Do I Upgrade/Migrate/Cancel or Port?

    Hi Guys, I'm in the 27th month of a Biz Time contract. Didn't read the fine print until now :o so may be stuck with the 24 month contract for another 21 months. (Is there a group for this? - I'm sure there must be) When you guys have done laughing :), what would you advise me to do; what is...